Sparkling Lights


Energy/Bodywork to promote balance, healing and general wellbeing.

Sessions will incorporate Thai bodywork, Reiki and other energy work modalities intuitively guided for an individualized experience. During your session you will rest on a therapy table and receive light touch. Depending on your needs you may be guided through multiple stretches, compressions and techniques​.

Most people experience deep relaxation as energy flows through the practitioner to offer the maximum amount of natural healing you are able to receive at any given time. Following the session, we will close with a discussion about the experience. 

What is Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”, a combination of two Japanese words “rei” which means spiritual/universal and “ki” which means the life force)? Reiki is a universal healing technique that helps to reduce stress, relax, reconnect to self and release that which no longer serves us. It is a form of energy work to promote balance; physical, mental and emotional healing; and general wellbeing.

$80 - 1 Hour  | $110 - 90 Minute 


Try out a session at a great rate! We'll start with a bodywork flow that will leave your body well-stretched and balanced, and lead you into a deep, relaxed state. We'll spend the remainder of the time clearing out old energy and welcoming the new. Use the link below to get on the schedule!

Hope to see you soon.

$60 - 75 Minute